Fashion4Wellness Deniz Hammam Towel 230 x 100 cm Fresh Apple-B08CVVW91F

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  • Hamam towel.

  • Hand towel.

  • Beach towel.

  • Bath towel.

  • Sauna towel.

  • These beautiful large Deniz Hamam towels from the quality brand Fashion4wellness are woven by hand in an authentic way according to traditional templates. This hammam towel is woven in 2 different patterns. This makes this hammam towel very special and so beautiful. At the end we have woven in this hammam towel a few thin white stripes. This cloth has a length of 2.30 metres. Naturally made from 100% cotton, weighs only 330 grams and can be folded up very compactly. It always fits in your suitcase, backpack or in the beach bag. Take it with you when travelling, to the beach, on your boat, in the swimming pool, in the sauna or for sports. Fashion4wellness hamam towels are traditionally woven in Turkey. The tassels are twisted by women with the hand and knotted. A craft that goes from family to family and where you are proud of. Small weaving defects are possible and are part of the product as well as colour and weight may be slightly different. The Deniz hammam towel is available in 30 different colours and 4 different sizes. It is available in lengths of 180, 200 and 230 cm with a width of 100 cm. If you want to go for two then there is an XXL deniz hammam towel in the size 160 x 230 cm. Great for use as a picnic blanket.

    Fashion4Wellness Deniz Hammam Towel 230 x 100 cm Fresh Apple-B08CVVW91F

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